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Toni Jean Erasmus - Stunt-Actor and Voice-Over

December 1, 2021

Today we are drawing parallels between the stunt industry and voice acting, don't miss this exciting episode with Cape Town's very own Toni Jean Erasmus!

Watch the video here: 

This episode covers topics like:

* How to network your way into the industry

* There is no overnight success, it takes a lot of time and hard work

* Never stop learning, don't ever be complacent

* Why you should take great care with any work that you do

* Bringing action into your characters

* Multitask your activities to maximize your opportunities

* About the film industry in Cape Town

* Remember to love your job!

Contact Toni:

IG: @tonijeanerasmus

Twitter: @ToniJeanErasmus

See more about Toni Jean here:

IMDB Demo Reel:

Interesting sites mentioned in the video:

* Critical Role:

* Attack on Titan manga series - live performance: 


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