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Tara MacPherson - the art of dubbing

September 20, 2021

This week, Tara MacPherson tells us everything about being a dubbing voice artist:

Watch the video here: 

* what coaching do you need

* how to get your foot in the door

* what it's like in the studio

* tips for your voice-instrument

* accents and voice-ages and lots more!

How to get in touch with Tara:

IG: @taramacpherson

Twitter: @TaraMacphersonx

Some useful links:


Cape Town Improv course:

South African Voice-Over Academy:

Cosher Recording Studios:

Byron Bure Academy of Theatre Arts:

Robyn Cohen Acting Coach:

Gravy for the Brain:

Check out this video where Tara dubs two characters (Manny and the Sync Sisters):

Join the Facebook group: Mzansi Voice-Over People

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