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Seipati Molefe - Local languages and the media industry

September 6, 2021

Our guest today is Seipati Molefe, voice-over artist but also production business owner.

We'll be chatting about local productions in the South African home-languages, the need for good local voices and translators, and how a beginner can get started to join in on the fun.

Watch the video here: 

Here are some takeaways and topics to listen out for:

- As long as there are mother-tongue radios and companies willing to advertise on them, we will never run out of local voice-over business

- Practice perfecting your mother-tongue vocabulary, ask your elders, listen to the radio

- The importance of proper translating

- Local languages and the media industry

- Recording your auditions at home on your android phone

- Get yourself out there and start networking !

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