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Nadeem Khaled - Arabic Voice-overs & Social Media

December 15, 2021

Meet the celebrated Egyptian voice artist, Nadeem Khaled ! Also head of Gravy for the Brain Arabia, Nadeem has a passion for educating and growing the voiceover industry in his region. 

We chat about how arabic speakers in South Africa and around the world can join the industry remotely, and how to work out rates in your currency, as well as how social media can be an important tool for anyone to learn and promote their services. Watch the video here: 

- How each VO talent has an effect on the state of the VO market

- What you can learn from Gravy for the Brain

- The Arabic language and its different variations

- Sharing your knowledge helps better everyone, including yourself

- How to land more voice-over work

- Why Ethics are important

- How networking can be really easy

Find Nadeem here:

IG: @nadeem.vo

Twitter: @NadeemKhaled

Clubhouse: @nadeemkhaled

Whatsapp: +201020097797

Evolution Voice Agency:

FB: @EvolutionNK

Gravy for the Brain Arabia:

Twitter: @GravyForBrainAR

IG: @gravyforthebrainarabia


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